3 Reasons To Take Maternity Photos

January 16, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Why Maternity Photos are so important to take!

Being a mom myself I understand that your body completely transforms during the making of your baby. Pregnancy feels like if you are getting attacked by a virus that takes over and does whatever it wants to your body, changing it internally and externally. 

The amount of moms I have come across that say they regret not taking maternity photos is sad. I always encourage all mamas to take photos of this special moment in their lives. 

Once that third trimeter hits, the anxiousness of meeting the love of your life strikes, because in a blink of an eye, the nine months flew by. I encourage all pregnant moms to schedule their photo session between 30-36 weeks, because it is the best time to capture your belly. 

As unsexy as you may feel, scheduling a luxury photoshoot is the best way to pamper yourself one last time before baby arrives. Honestly, the first couple of weeks after baby arrives most mamas are in survival mode. Learning how to take care of a tiny human that can't tell you what it wants or needs is incredibly difficult. The last thing on your mind will be your physical appearance, let alone capturing it during a photoshoot. So, scheduling this last moment for yourself is crucial!

Not to mention, the luxury photoshoot is another great opportunity to bond with your partner since it may be the last time being able to capture a memory of just the two of you, alone. Often times your partner may not express it but they could feel excluded because all the attention goes to the mama, as it should. However, this is also a great moment to make your partner feel that they are an important part of the parenthood journey. 

Lastly, as I mentioned before, regretting the opportunity to take your maternity photoshoot is an awful feeling! Creating your tiny human is an unmeasurable accomplishment! Wouldn't you want this moment captured to last a lifetime? Take the photos mama!






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